Capital Funding Services Corp

About Us

Everything We Do Revolves Around Helping Others Succeed

Capital Funding Services Corp is continuously dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, helping families realize their dreams of homeownership, and fueling community development through strategic financing solutions.

Headquartered in Miami, FL we’ve grown from a small team with a passion for service into a full-scale lending institution trusted by thousands nationwide. Yet amidst expansion, our founding commitment to compassion remains unwavering.

More than Funding Partners

While other lenders view clients as figures, we see them as people – each with their own stories, struggles, and striving for better futures. As your neighbors, we understand the challenges local businesses face and are committed to supporting job and wealth creation at the grassroots.

We don’t merely lend capital but also care, counsel, connect borrowers to advisors, and chew obstacles standing between communities and prosperity. No task is beyond us if it means empowering your success.

Tailored for True Impact

Rather than cookie-cutter loans, our specialized products are surgically crafted to needs. From construction lines and complex syndications to one-off equipment terms and maker loans – ingenious structures fuel dreams no box can contain. Meanwhile, borrowers retain well-being through guidance and by navigating intricate details.

Flexibility defines our approach. Covenants breathe with economic trends while prepayment rights safeguard optionality. Full transparency builds trust so accountability strengthens all. Most importantly, we follow your journey long after contracts end – believers in your mission, not just debt collectors.

Partners in Progress

Capital Funding Services Corp thrives through Your victories. While many institutions chase margins, we center relationships – upholding utmost integrity earns lifetime business. Referrals flow freely as we wonderfully serve each introduction, preserving quality reputations together.

Heartfelt Service With Scale

Some question if a heart can scale but our blossoming team worldwide proves otherwise. Regional hubs infuse localized nuance while shared values unite diverse talent energized contributing to a higher purpose. Though skyscrapers dwarf our humble quarters, global connectivity lets our attention to you as an entrepreneur cross all borders.

This flag will ever wave for communities as the beating heart fueling economic liberty and shared prosperity for all. While uncertainty persists, rest assured your success remains our North Star. The future shines bright through partnerships like ours – may your light lead many more to hopeful tomorrows.

Always feel free to get in touch with us for the possibility of a secure financial future for You and Your Beloved Family or Company!