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Investor Loans: Finance Your Real Estate Portfolio

Looking to expand your real estate holdings but short on funds? Our investor loans provide the capital needed to acquire properties or refinance those you already own. Terms range from 3 to 10 years with a minimum 20% down payment to keep monthly payments low.

Streamlined Approval in Days Not Weeks

Unlike other commercial lenders, underwriting your investor loan application takes just days with our dedicated approval team. Once approved, schedule closing within 5-7 business days to take advantage of time-sensitive deals.

Flexible Loan Structures For Any Scenario

Whether purchasing your first multifamily building, a commercial strip mall, or refinancing several rentals into one loan, we craft the right structure. Options include adjustable or fixed rates, interest-only periods, and more.

Experienced Guidance from Start to Finish

Our investor lending advisors have financed thousands of investor portfolios. Consult them on strategy, future projects, repayment terms, and more. Guidance ensures your investments maximize returns for years to come.

Profit from Your Real Estate Savvy with an Investor Loan Today

Interested in a loan tailored for maximizing profits? Contact Capital Funding Services. We’ll assess your plans, and qualifications, and then get you applying online. Move quicker on opportunities with the funds to fuel your expanding real estate empire.

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