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Rely on the Experts: Why Property Management is Crucial for Landlords

Being a landlord can be both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling. However, managing rental properties is no small task. Between finding reliable tenants, collecting rent on time, handling maintenance requests, ensuring compliance with housing laws, and dealing with unexpected issues, the workload can become overwhelming quickly. This is where hiring a professional property management company like Capital Funding Services Corp comes in. Our seasoned experts handle every aspect of the rental process so you don’t have to be stressed.

Let’s explore the key benefits of partnering with experienced property managers.

Marketing and Tenant Screening

One of the most time-consuming parts of being a landlord is finding good tenants. It involves placing online listings and advertisements, hosting open houses, screening dozens of rental applications, conducting background and credit checks, and more. Our dedicated leasing team saves you from this hassle through their sophisticated marketing outreach and meticulous tenant screening process. They ensure that only qualified applicants who can pay rent on time and care for the property are selected. This substantially reduces the risks of late payments, property damages, or other tenant-related issues down the line.

Rent Collection and Maintaining Records

We handle all aspects of rent collection including sending payment reminders, depositing rents, and keeping detailed payment records. Tenants are given multiple options like paying online, via phone, or mailing checks. Our property management software seamlessly tracks all financial transactions and generates necessary reports and documentation for tax filing purposes. As landlords, you would have complete visibility into rental cashflows and can focus your energy elsewhere while trusting that rents are collected on schedule.

Responding to Maintenance Requests 24/7

Whether it’s a leaky faucet, broken appliance, or damaged roof, maintenance issues are an inevitable part of property management. We have long-standing relationships with reliable contractors who are available round the clock for emergency repairs. Tenants can simply call or email our staff to log a complaint anytime. Our team will inspect the problem, generate quotes, and directly coordinate with maintenance professionals to complete the job efficiently. From small fix-its to large-scale renovations, we ensure issues are fixed promptly so that the property remains in good shape to attract tenants.

Adhering to Regulations and Resolving Issues

Landlording comes with many legal responsibilities towards tenants. Our property managers maintain a thorough knowledge of all local housing statutes and work to keep properties compliant. We also handle tasks like conducting quarterly inspections, facilitating tenant move-ins/outs, managing any disturbances or complaints, and serving necessary documentation. In extreme cases, we step in to lawfully resolve tenant issues through eviction proceedings if needed. You stay removed from any conflicts or liability concerns.

Comprehensive Accounting and Record Keeping

At the end of each month and year, gain insights into unit performance through our detailed financial reporting. Get a precise view of rental income, expenses, profits, and tax deductions. Our accounting team meticulously tracks all transactions to the penny and generates documents to simplify tax filing. Never worry about messy record-keeping or audit preparations again.

Working with experienced property managers you can:

– Reduce hassles and focus on your core business or career

– Gain peace of mind knowing your investment is being expertly managed

– Benefit from our economies of scale to maximize cash flows

– Build long-term passive income through reliable rental income

– Preserve and potentially increase property values over time

So whether you have one rental or multiple units, partner with Capital Funding Services Corp property management division to take the stress out of land lording. Optimize returns while staying hands-off through our full-service solution.

Looking to discuss your specific property management needs? Reach out to one of our representatives today through the contact form or by calling us. We’d be delighted to craft a customized proposal after evaluating your portfolio.

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