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Renovate for maximum ROI with Rehab Financing

Whether you’re breathing new life into outdated rentals or getting fixer-uppers, or a showroom ready for flipping, a rehab loan from Capital Funding Services can help drive profits. With faster funding and terms tailored to your renovation timeline, you’ll complete more lucrative projects, boost property values, and grow your real estate portfolio.

Experts in Rehab Financing, Every Step of the Way

Our seasoned rehab lending advisors understand the construction process inside and out. From estimating costs, and drafting scope of work plans, to sourcing contractors, count on their guidance. Our streamlined underwriting even factors in planned upgrades so approvals take days, not weeks. Pre-approved amounts are tailored to cover all anticipated costs.

Flexible Terms Designed for Renovation Realities

With terms between 12 to 24 months, rehab loans meet typical renovation schedules. Interest-only periods let payments go solely toward the principal once complete. Closing is scheduled within a week of approval, so funds are in your account to immediately begin renovations.

More Done, More Profits, with Less of Your Capital Tied Up

Thanks to the low minimum 15% down payment, more of your money goes towards creating value, not sitting idle. Loans amount to 100% of acquisition plus renovation budgets. Once completed, properties command higher sale prices or rents, delivering maximum returns.

Ready to Transform Properties and Profits?

By financing renovations rather than tying up your cash, returns are amplified. Contact a Capital Funding rehab lending specialist today to get the non-restrictive funding you need to take your real estate ventures to new heights. Watch your portfolio blossom with fast, flexible rehab loans.

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