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Refi Smarter: Put More Money in Your Pocket with Mortgage Refinancing

Homeownership is one of the most significant financial commitments we make. But did you know refinancing your mortgage could save you tens of thousands over the life of your loan, just by lowering your interest rate even a fraction of a point? At Capital Funding Services, our dedicated mortgage specialists understand the power of a great refinance.

Cut Payments or Save Years Off Your Loan

In addition to aiming for the lowest rate possible, explore options like shortening your term to slash repayment time significantly. Consider refinancing multiple properties together for combined savings. Our tech-savvy tools online make comparing programs simple.

Expert Guidance on Refi Strategy and Optimal Timing

Mortgage, employment, and credit history impact rates. Consult regularly with an advisor to optimize timing based on these factors. Discover refinancing’s impact on taxes too. Their insights prevent wasted application fees by only proceeding when terms exceed savings.

Fast Online Process with Minimal Documentation

No boxes of papers are needed – just upload what’s requested directly through our streamlined online portal. Expect an approval in principle within days then a quick closing, so you start lowering costs immediately.

Earn up to $7,500 Cash Back with Certain Loans

Take advantage of programs rewarding homeowners who refinance with us. Cash could pay for remodeling or future renovations.

Let a CFS Mortgage Specialist Help You Realize Refinancing’s Potential.

Interested in slashing your payment, saving on interest, or getting cash for upgrades? Contact us to find out how much a refinance could save. Start putting more money back in your pocket today.

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